About Amy

12188912_10208347931325970_6660261258261449343_nWelcome to my psychic healing blog and thank you for being open! I’m Amy  and I have been working as a psychic healer, medical intuitive, and medium for most of my life. I was born with this ability, which I inherited from my incredible grandmother Rose. I use my gifts to help guide people to a higher place of happiness and liberation.

The world is going through a lot right now and people have been suffering greatly. The good news is that we are going through a radical shift in consciousness and we are finally getting to the root of our pain. It isn’t easy, but if you continue on the spiritual path by surrendering to it, then you will become more at peace.

We are not meant to suffer. We have many incredible resources that tell us how to heal, but often we can’t pinpoint what exactly is causing our suffering. We may think it’s one thing, and it’s actually something else entirely. My blog is here to help you sort through the muck and hopefully provide some clarity.

I am open to questions if there are topics you would like me to write about. I thank you for being on this journey with me and look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in booking a session, please go to my website www.clarityclearings.com and use the contact form on that site or email me at appointments@clarityclearings.com.

*Please know that I do my best and I can not replace the advice of your doctor or psychologist and for legal purposes must refer to this as for Entertainment Purposes. Please always use your own intuition whenever seeking advice from anyone. God Bless!

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