Why I am no longer a Medium

Since I was a small child, I started seeing spirits.  The first time I ran to my mother in fear after seeing a ghost, she told me not to be afraid and just ask what they wanted.  I never felt comfortable talking to them.  I always woke up screaming when they stood staring at the end of my bed.  I was happy to speak to someone who approached me during a meditation or a healing session, but never when they took me by surprise.  It was like a constant unwelcome houseguest staring at you while you were most vulnerable.  I always awoke in a panic because they looked so real life that it would take me a moment to break out of my cold sweat to realize a random psycho hadn’t entered my bedroom in the night to kill me.  I was never taught how to talk to dead people and none of the books I read on mediums ever explained or prepared me on how to deal with it.

I was always incredibly psychic, which took me many years to embrace.  I knew I could heal as well, but something about my mediumship abilities never sat right with me.  For most of my twenties, I ignored the constant visits of dead people and refused to answer their requests for dialogue.  In my thirties, I decided to embrace it.  I found I was more relaxed and a lot of my anxiety went away.  These people from the other side had been trying to get my attention for years.  The pull on my energy ceased once I knew they were trying to talk to me.  As soon as I gave them the telephone line, they were more respectful and waited patiently to speak to me until I was ready.

Once I opened my medium channel,  I learned very quickly that this was one of my most potent gifts that came very easily to me.  I was told by many people that they received more accuracy with me than with other famous mediums.  Sometimes I would even get first and last names of people who had died.  I told one woman the names and relationship of 13 dead relatives to her and how they died and what they wanted her to know.  I got a lot of validation this was real and I felt incredibly honored to be able to hold a bridge between the other side and people who desperately needed closure with someone who passed.  I had mothers who lost their children in tragic ways one could never fathom in their worst nightmares.  I heard endless stories of sadness and loss.  It was humbling to be able to offer some peace to those who needed it most.  Often a deceased parent asked for forgiveness for all of the horrific abuse of their child so they finally could let go of years of trauma and pain.  To offer someone a last conversation of healing was incredibly sacred and I couldn’t understand my unease. I had just started offering services for free to help inner city kids and others who normally wouldn’t get this kind of help.  One boy told me I changed his life when I proved details I couldn’t have possibly known of how a gang member killed his brother.  He no longer wanted to kill himself and wanted to make a life for himself based on the proof heaven existed and his brothers words of encouragement.  It was so incredibly beautiful to witness, so why did I always feel something wasn’t quite right about it?

I worried that it was against God’s law, yet I wondered if my Catholic programming from childhood made me question my gift this way. I kept thinking how can this be bad if it proves heaven exists and people never truly die?  Deep down, I always knew my healing abilities came from God because I only saw clients radically improve and become closer to God. I kept asking myself why do I feel this way about mediumship specifically when all other avenues of my healing work felt right.

My entire life I was bombarded by negative energies and spirits. I was always drained wherever I went, particularly in restaurants or bars or large events. I often had difficulty concentrating and would have to leave to restore my energies at home. I had temporarily quit practicing healing and the bombardment of psychic intrusions didn’t end, so I knew that wasn’t the answer. I have always been a lover of Jesus so I knew that had nothing to do with the blockages. I had renounced everything and had everyone praying over me. I closed every door and that still wasn’t my answer.

I continued to have very deep energetic problems and so I decided to try to discontinue my connection with the other side. I was serious about it and made a declaration to all beings to stop knocking on my door. Overnight, my life was completely different. I no longer felt a constant stream of bombardment of energies. My sleep was quiet and undisturbed. I slept like a baby repeatedly for the first time in my life. My energies rebuilt quickly and I no longer felt overwhelmed in any social or public scene.

Once my life changed, I decided to do some research and found that I was unable to find any explanations for the change. I knew it wasn’t placebo because I am too psychic for that and had tried many other solutions that hadn’t worked. I knew the highest level of protection secrets and that failed as well. No amount of praying worked. Only shutting the door for good changed my vibration.

I decided to meditate and see what was happening in order to explain this rapid, profound shift in a lifetime of psychic phenomenon. What I discovered was beyond disturbing. Most mediums will not appreciate this grain of truth because it may disrupt their livelihood or upset the entities they are fueling energy resources to. Yes, I believe a great amount of psychics and mediums are not clear enough to see who they connect with.  Many feel if they just say “only those aligned with God come”, but that invites a free for all because most spirits lie and think highly of themselves. Many psychics call on spirits and angels, I do not do that. I believe in keeping your channel pure and straight to source. The only way I violated this was by speaking to dead people, hence my problems at that time.

I will explain the 3 ways a person may think they are interacting with the other side. Firstly, if you are connecting with an energy, it is most likely an entity that lived on the person or around them while they were alive. As they left their body, the lower dimensional energy stayed behind. That entity has a lot of the soul memories of the person you wish to communicate with. I always knew these entities existed however I never communicated with them. Most psychics are not capable of distinguishing the difference.

Secondly, if you are in contact with a true dead person they are either earth bound and need crossing or they are in the lower astral realms. You can pray for them to ascend higher or leave it up to someone with crossing abilities to bring them into the light. I noticed in all of my communications, I had to heal the souls so they could ascend higher. Once they went upwards to higher levels, they never returned in future communications. They often let me know they would not be returning to Earth for interactions with me and their loved ones, although they may help out if duty called in crisis or to meet someone at their own hour of passing.  The Earth is quite contaminated with lower frequencies that it actually puts a great risk to them to enter back into this energy safely.

If they are earthbound or in lower astral levels when you connect, then it is dangerous to interact usually. You can absorb all sorts of miasma and energies from them. Hence, why earthbound spirits should never be considered friendly pets in your home. Send them back to the light! In some cases, the client has a spirit attachment the person left behind now feeding off of them or the dead person still hooked into their energies for survival.  Once removed and released into the light, my client will find they are deeply relieved, have increased energy and much of the trauma from their loved one’s death immediately vanishes. I still do this work to assist everyone here and for those who passed on to transition peacefully.

Some famous mediums like JVP suggest that you get tired during the session as does he because the energies go too high and are not a match for you, thus knocking you out. This can be true, however it is more likely it is because an extraordinary exchange of energy must occur for the reading to happen. The dead person or spirit needs chi to communicate and can not get it without stealing it from you.  Once they take the energy from you the first time, they will consider it an agreement and always come back for more. Then all of their spirit buddies will think you are a buffet to feast upon. Plain and simple, the dead take your power.

One of the most reckless things people with abilities do is assume they know who they are speaking with just because some of the information is accurate. This is all ego and must be eliminated. You may have a business thriving on this and not want to look at it, but your health and relationships and finances will pay greatly, along with your soul vitality.  There is also enormous karmic backlash for doing this, so your life will often not work well.  My abilities have been honed for a long time so I could always see the differences, however I didn’t realize my power was being stolen because I allowed my compassion to help others override my true knowing. Big lesson.

The third way that you can communicate with dead people is by reading their astral shell. The astral shell is part of the astral body that breaks off when a person dies. Often times what we consider poltergeists are astral shells, such as a light flying across the room.  The shell contains memories and aspects of a persons personality and lasts on earth until it burns off. This is one of the reasons it is harder for readers to access individuals who died much longer ago like 20 years or more. It is because no astral shell remains. There is no consciousness of that person left behind. It is another reason most mediums find that they read someone accurately the first reading, but are unable to get as accurate of a reading later in the future. This is why some famous mediums only allow you to have 1 session with them because they don’t want to have to explain why they can’t do it again as successfully. Most of them probably don’t even know why.

There are very rare cases 1% of the time when you find someone evolved who is stuck and needs crossing. It is best to calm them and move them to the other side when you have these medium capabilities. If they have just recently passed, you may get clear safe communication from them before they leave to cross over, but it is probably best to steer clear. I have relayed a message or two in those instances with no harm to myself, but you must be very adept to know the difference. However, my light to the other side that once neon blinked open for business is now OFF. Boundaries must be permanent in order for you to not be influenced by fallen beings or lost spirits.

It was always interesting to me that my very psychic grandmother never communicated with me or paid me a visit after her passing considering we both have abilities.  I think it is because she evolved beyond the astral where it is forbidden in the higher realms.  I do think aspects of loved ones appear in dreams to give you information, but most likely this is your higher self using them as a projection symbol to reach your awareness to bring you an important message.  It is okay to be excited by that and feel healed by a so called visitation, but it is best not to seek them out asking for more.  It has always been my experience that your loved ones are not guiding you.  They are on their own journey to work out their own karmas and soul evolution.  A lot of these theories are made up so we feel less alone, as hard as that may be to hear.

If you feel you need clarity regarding your loved one,  I can still offer answers as to why and what happened that will bring you a lot of closure and healing.  However, I will no longer put anyone at risk including myself.  If you see a medium, please know you are opening yourself up to spiritual problems down the road that will not be worth the information you received.  I know this may cause some fear, but there is a lot of misinformation regarding spiritual work and education is armor.  It may be hardest for mediums to acknowledge this and give up their livelihood once they realize what is happening.  For me it was an easy choice.  I wish you much love and grace on your journey. I am still practicing healing and psychic coaching in my practice. Some people thought this blog was a goodbye letter, when it was just me explaining I no longer communicate with those who have passed away. Please like or comment or follow me below.

If you wish to have a session with me, please email me at appointments@clarityclearings.com









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