Money is the physical form of abundance created for exchange. We don’t actually need the symbol. We are at peace with the energy of abundance. We just have issues with how that exchange has been distorted and abused. Our issues aren’t about receiving money. Its about restoring the original vibration of that energy. God does not want humans to suffer nor to hoard.
In a balanced world, we should be able to receive as freely as we give never having a need to save because ultimately all needs are met. But we are caught in greed and suffering, the human drama. We are now being pushed to let get of the lies we have been sold and the old programming. Life is not as we may seem to think.
We are merely in a dream that is being controlled by those who have the knowledge of the dream. Those who control the world banking, control the people and therefore control the dream. Once you know the dreamers intent, you will see it everywhere and start to question everything. They may have knowledge, but we may have wisdom and those who seek to control will never have that. And wisdom has the power to take everything they took eons to build and undo it in the blink of an eye. People will call you crazy and paranoid, acting like the ones who once were willing to kill over the certainty that the earth was flat or that the sun circled the earth. You can only allow them the right to stay asleep, but you must awaken yourself and take back the dream.

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