10 Prayers that Will Change Your Life

A mentor once told me an ancient secret to prayer. He said that we often ask or plea for help, as if we are subservient creatures and that this is why we often experience the same issues being repeated in our lives. When you feel desperate or unsure, you create that energy around you that amplifies and attracts more of that energy back to you. We often don’t know what to pray for or how. We are meant to command our creations into being, but we feel so inept and childlike at our core that we do not want to disrespect our loving parent we call God. Or we simply believe a lie that we are not powerful enough to manifest our dreams.

It is not about being a spoiled diva child screaming for this or that. Entitlement can birth very negative creations. It is about being connected and present enough in your spirit that you command that which is best for you. You make a request with the full intent of your heart knowing it is for your highest good. This is why meditation is important, so that you can get clear before you pray. You can even pray for clarity. The secret is simple. It is to be specific and clear and unwavering. You must also do this with the understanding that God may choose a better time or say no because ultimately we may not see how our ego is involved or we may not understand the unfolding of the divine plan. The new age philosophy of The Secret has great power, however it leaves out the most important aspect which is we are Co Creators with God, we are not alone. That is a form of Satanism called self-worship. When you pray with humble conviction, prayers get answered.

Do not pray just for the result. It is vital to pray for truth to be revealed or the breakthrough that can lead to the result. This is how you are able to materialize the outcome. When you pray fearlessly to be shown the truth, then you won’t spend your focus and energy on lost causes or distractions that rob you of your confidence and your destiny. Often we only pray when things are a mess. We tend to think Hey God, I’ve got this covered so you can just sit back… and watch me wreck this. When we pray about the little things, miracles start happening all over the place. We stop letting the ego drive and we birth energy and momentum into our dreams. We stop having to push so damn hard to make an ant step towards fulfillment. The closer your request is to your highest good, the faster it will manifest if you allow it.

Here are 10 Prayers that Will Change Your Life

1. Please remove anything and everything that I agreed to that is blocking “xyz” from manifesting easily and effortlessly. We have many soul agreements that no longer serve us. It is important when you face challenges to ask that those agreements which no longer serve you be broken. This includes any subconscious or conscious agreements made by others on your behalf, such as your parents or ancestors. Be specific.

2. When you want to materialize a job for example. Visualize the angels guiding you or energy consciousness or whatever you believe to create an opening for you. See yourself at the job you want and write down/visualize your salary, the atmosphere, the vibe of the employees and your position. See yourself calling your friend to say you got the job. When you do this, ask that all blockages be removed that are keeping this manifestation from occurring. Request that any of your beliefs or others that are in the way to be destroyed. Upon completion ask that this or something better be given to you. Look for fears or thoughts or people who may be trying to sabotage your belief that it can happen and ask for those things to be cleared out for you as well to be replaced with trust and faith. Watch your thoughts and feelings closely and do not let them rise above these requests you make or they will pluck out your dreams before they can grow.

3. When you aren’t sure if someone is in their integrity or if a friendship/relationship may not be right for you, then pray to be shown. If this person or thing is not for my highest good, show me the truth no matter how painful in the next 24 hours. Make it blaringly obvious in neon blinking stripper lights please. (if you ask for this, please listen to the answer that comes. Often it’s a big event that happens and you will see how powerful this prayer truly is) Make sure you are ready for this answer and make sure you are not in a place of fear when requesting it, so you don’t materialize an outcome from fear.

4. Before speaking with any person whether it be someone you need to help you or a discussion with a romantic partner or family member, request the help and result you want to happen. For example, you want to call someone to get a deal for your company. Pray that the person be open to hear you and that you say exactly what they need to hear in order to fulfill your request if it be the highest good. As you pray, visualize yourself excited and happy during and after the call. Try this before a fun night out. Declare what you want to experience and how you want to feel or what you want to accomplish in the relationship that is best for both parties. Command a breakthrough to happen and watch what unfolds. Amazing things will happen that transform your relationship. If you focus more on manifesting the feelings and not the words, then more breakthroughs will occur.

5. Always pray that when you call or speak to someone it is in divine right timing that is best for you. If you decide to take action, then say please have this person be available and open, but if they aren’t then please have them delay the call or meeting until the optimal time. This will make you feel empowered by delays verses the opposite. You will feel everything is always working in your favor.

6. Before you have a potentially life altering conversation with someone, always pray that your words and actions are guided by God and the highest aspect of you. Pray that you are both healed as a result of the talk.

7. In a relationship, pray to see and enhance the qualities in yourself that your partner is looking for in a dream partner. If they are not loving or spiritual qualities then you may not be a vibrational match. Often our prayers center around what we want our partner to do, not the other way around. This is not about pleasing someone. It is about imagining the man or woman of your dreams and thinking about what type of person they would want to be with. Become that person.

8. Pray to keep your boundaries in tact with toxic people or situations. It is good to be compassionate, but important to be loving to yourself as well and not allow people to manipulate you. We may miss false motives because someone has been loyal and loving to us in the past. We sometimes allow destructive behaviors to continue because we focus on the good in that person and the history. It is critical to request to be given courage to see and accept the truth and take action accordingly. If we allow toxic drains in our lives just because we are strong enough to handle it or because we love someone, we will end up delaying or missing our destiny. Sometimes it’s time to flush the toilet because there’s just too much doo in it. Pray to accept the shift in the relationship and pray to have the courage to release that person and yourself. I do very ballsy prayer. I just say God rip it out and don’t let me confuse myself again thinking I know better than you. Then I respect the answer. Usually, unless I am being a total mule and subconsciously wish for a torturous few weeks or months to follow.

9. Request to be shown how you block yourself from receiving the love or path your highest self wants for you. Pray to be given the humility to see it and the courage to act on it. Pray to be shown how your ego is running the show every day. It is a very sour lollipop to suck on, but it gets sweeter once you get to the prize you never knew was in the middle.

10. Request to have God and the higher beings guide and protect your destiny. To not allow anyone, including you, to get in the way. Request daily that your ability to receive the things you want increase, if they serve your highest good. Request to have every aspect of your being ingrained in the truth of the highest wisdom. Pray that you never miss a mark, a relationship, an awakening, a time to give, or a time to receive, a time to show up or a time to leave because your ego begs to differ. Pray to be constantly and ruthlessly reset on your path each and every moment of every hour of every day.

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