Something that Once Liberated You Can End Up Imprisoning You

I have to remind myself not to take myself too seriously. I think when you’re really dedicated to growing, you realize that what you believed yesterday may no longer serve the you who has awakened today. I keep pushing myself to move past any philosophies or ideologies that came from my youth, my environment or my own silly brain. Otherwise I am in danger of confining others to principles I may not believe in as long as them.

Sometimes we need radical ideas to break our narrow parental programming and it can take some powerful new language to do it, such as a new religion, philosophy or guru. This can be absolutely necessary and vital for transformation. However, we must avoid swinging the pendulum to the polar side where we lie with the same extreme fundamentalism that locks us into a new set of beliefs. It’s important we continue the shift and do not allow others to invade our consciousness and take over because then we never really change. We just end up being controlled by a new master which is more dangerous because we think we chose him. Something that once liberated you can end up imprisoning you, so I have to remind myself to keep moving forward and to keep challenging my beliefs.

It may be a slow unraveling of these restrictive webs. Or it may be a two by four in your face that sets you free. It doesn’t really matter how it happens, as long as you encourage and embrace it. If you are afraid to leave behind the people or ideas that once served you, then it is a good sign it may be time to go. Remember the journey of your soul is about you. We can only show others through our own courage how to change, so you might as well be the first one to set yourself free. You will most definitely not be the last. We have to hold ourselves responsible for the things which entrap us. So if your ego or anyone starts making you feel bad for growing, then just bring out your middle finger philosophy (lovingly of course) and move on.

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