Psychic Protection

  • Scientists have proven we all have an electromagnetic field around our body. It is commonly referred to as your aura. This energy field becomes easily congested with radiation from cell towers and phones, environmental pollution, energetic attachments, and thoughts or projections from others and ourselves.It is very important to cleanse and protect our energy. This is a short exercise to protect your energy field. I will go into deeper aspects of protection in another post. Check out Healing Baths for ways to clear yourself.

    First try to seat yourself if possible with your feet connecting to the ground. (you can do it standing as well though) Imagine a column of light above your head extending all the way up to your higher self and into the middle of the God source. I personally choose to connect through my higher self, then Jesus and then up to God. Then visualize this light coming back down through the top of your head and down the central column inside your whole body until it extends below your feet. See this light growing stronger and stronger until it reaches into the core of a ball of light reaching all the way down into the center of the Earth. Now imagine roots growing into this ball. See the energy bounce back up through the center of your body all the way up to the top of your head and up through your higher self and into the God source. And see it growing wider and wider and go all the way back down again. Do this 3 times minimum.

    See the light column growing as wide as it is comfortable to grow for you, possibly a 3-5 inches in width. Then see that light column glowing light until it is surrounding your whole body until it forms an egg shape around you entirely. This egg shape should extend about 3-5 feet from your body. You should look like you are sealed in a golden ball of light. Say, “I surround myself with the golden light of God’s protection and nothing but God’s true light can enter my energy field.” Then say, “This protection is Sealed Sealed Sealed.”

    Next visualize a blue flame of light. A blue flame you can see through. Now, picture this blue flame forming a ball over your ball of golden light encompassing you inside the ball of light. It should look like you are standing inside a circle inside a another circle. Picture this blue flame growing brightly. I personally say Jesus before me, behind me, and below me and to my left and right. (this is not religious, it is about his power he attained on Earth as a master to protect us-more on this later). Then surround yourself with another ball of golden light. You can imagine this light ball by drawing a circle around yourself. When you are finished, say “I am protected and sealed” three times. The more you do this, the more powerful protection it will become where eventually you will only need to do it as a quick visualization all in one. This takes a few months of practice and is highly effective.

    When you start visualizing, most visualizations last for a few minutes to an hour. Keep saying to yourself throughout the day, Recharge and see the shield grow brighter. As you become more effective at the process and with repetition, the visualizations gain power. Then they can last for up to four hours at a time. When you have practiced multiple times a day for months, the visualizations will be highly effective on cue, you can just say Seal and Protect and see the symbols form around you in seconds. On days you are tired, you will need to do the whole process over again to ensure the same level of protection. You will know your shield is effective when you can feel a difference in your energy. You may feel lighter, see brighter, or sense its energy.

    It is hard to keep yourself fully protected during full night of sleep, so I will expand on this later. If you feel drained or out of balance emotionally, just try these techniques. You will be surprised at how quickly this can bring you back into balance.

    For more advanced techniques, you can also imagine the balls spinning upside down or in alternate directions. You can also imagine fire around the balls of light or see waterfalls pouring over them. You can also surround yourself with mirrors facing outward to reverse negativity. This prevents more advanced psychic attacks from entering your energy field. As you become more adept, you can program the circles with specific intentions that amplify your protection significantly. Try it and see.

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