Psychic Ability- Prophecy or Dark Dabbling?

A psychic is a person who senses, sees, feels, hears or knows information without prior knowledge. There are many people who aren’t psychic, but recognize in the power of those who can see into the past, present, or future. Some feel it’s regarded as sin and others embrace it as a gift from spirit. There are many skeptics who don’t believe in it at all. People fear it’s a blessing or it’s evil or something in between. I say it depends on the person using it and where their gifts originated from.

I have had many people come up to me upon hearing of my abilities from a client or friend and immediately demand proof in one form or another. I once had a famous actress say I don’t believe you (although several of her famous comrades said my ability blew them away). She kept screeching at our friends birthday dinner, “Prove it, prove it, PROVE IT!!!!” Luckily my friends boyfriend said, “Knock it off. She’s not a performing monkey, Mila.” Oops, did I foretell too much?

I am used to people shoving their palms in my face or their bible down my neck demanding proof or justification for what I do. All I can say is I was born this way and sorry I don’t read palms! It does baffle me when I think about the fact we are in the year of 2014 and people are still stuck in the dark ages, but I am here to pass along what I know to those who will listen. I learned a long time ago don’t throw pearls before pigs.

Wisdom is for the wise, the ones searching for it. If someone isn’t searching, then they will continue to justify their indoctrination until the earth blows up. Keep it moving with people who are this way. My father always said, “Don’t explain anything to your enemies because they’ll distort it anyway.” I say, “Don’t explain anything to a donkey because he will never get it and just kick you anyway.” Jesus said something nicer, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

A good friend of mine’s best friend cornered me once to ask me if I realized I was speaking with the Devil. When I asked how so, she repeated phrases of the bible back to me, but then I retorted in ways she hadn’t prepared for and so she sat there stumped. It suddenly dawned on me that I had nothing to prove and I was no longer interested in these silly conversations with people who are not willing to grow. I felt like a fifty year old gay man stuck in the closet wondering if anyone would ever get that I was born this way and it couldn’t be undone.

Although I have more people than I can name who have said I have saved their lives, I kept praying that if my abilities were blasphemy then God please take them away. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep begging for clarity and nothing came. My own Aunt and Uncle were afraid of my psychic cooties and once said, “I am ok with you speaking to us, but we don’t want you talking to our younger children.” They had no idea how much I spoke to Jesus, although many times it was about them and their self-righteous ideologies and how could I possibly break through them. Every word I said to people who were in pain was encouraging them to get God centered and reconnect to the divine. Every word on that side of my family cast me out of that same God’s kingdom and told me I should repent.

The irony is my aunt and I had the same idea, but very different ways of getting there. I told her that we were the same because we both wanted people to be free and closer to God. She scoffed at me. She never asked any questions about the real me, she just kept writing her own story of the version she believed. It was very hard being judged by the family that I loved and adored so much. I knew really deep down, she merely feared me.
My aunt admitted that she herself had visions on multiple occasions. Once when she took my cousin to get vaccinated, she saw an angel appear and the angel told her not to let him get his shots. She always touted how this divine intervention saved his life. This was not her first visit from the other side. She spoke lovingly of these circumstances, but never explained why it was a blessing for her to experience these events, but for me it was somehow a curse. I eventually had to separate myself from the toxic dumping and most of that side of my family. A squirrel sure looks cute eating its little nut, until it has rabies. And then it begins to look like one.

It was very hard for me for many years. I was split with part of my life being fully acknowledged by people and often in an uncomfortable way like being revered. And the other part, I was being viewed through a microscopic called Prove It. People stare at me in fear wondering, “Does she know she’s crazy? How does she look and seem so normal? Where are the crazy long nails and the bright red hair? Where are the gypsy dress and her peace love tattoos?” Or the believers who won’t speak to me because they think I know what they are hiding. Or the men who fear I know who they are cheating with or that won’t ask me out because they think I see how many times they’ve mentally undressed me while I chat about my blog. Yes, it is all real. My least favorite question is still “So, what do you do”? I fear an explanation will be required, a proof of worth demanded, a fear of connection established or a desperate plea for help on my night off. And I live in the most liberal city in the country, Los Angeles.
Ironically, I am quite the skeptic myself. I don’t hang out with a ton of healers and psychics and I often have one eyebrow raised. I do believe there are a lot of people running cons, particularly the types with neon signs in their windows. This gives people who are authentic and really trying to help others, a bad rap.

There are also many new age types, who speak very candidly that they believe they came from some off world planet and they are here to channel some messages about healing. Most of them are a hoot to speak with and have no mal intent. Some attract lots of followers because people know something is amiss and are just hoping someone can lead the way. I do believe that a great deal of these healers are just the wounded hearted and know something is desperately wrong with the state of the Planet and honestly just want to help.

As seemingly harmless as this all is, unfortunately it can cause great harm. Most people do not have clear channels and have no idea who they are really speaking to. They have names for their guides or claim to be representations of Archangels and Ascended Masters. I feel most people don’t realize or can’t even see who they are speaking to and I am sure they would take great offense to suggestions otherwise.
Many and most psychics read from the astral realm, which is just one realm beyond our current realm. Many people are adept at traveling this realm at conscious will or while they sleep. It is a place many go to after they die. We all have an astral body and we often travel these realms without knowing it. This is where most psychics retrieve their information from.

Often psychic ability is a genetic tendency that comes through one’s lineage. It is either a spiritual gift for you to help others ascend or it is something that was created through magic rituals in your past lineage by your ancestors. Many people get upset by hearing this, but I do believe it is the difference between prophecy and psychic perceptions. If you try to open your ability prematurely, it can be an astral tear that creates a communication between you and the spirit world and not of God.

It is important when you are seeking advice from someone that you are getting advice from a place that is without ego, a true channel. When people read from the lower realms, they can still have startling accuracy, however many of the demonic beings can come through and divert you from your path. A large degree of the reading may be accurate, but then they may tell you something horrific will happen to you like someone dying. When you are receiving a reading or healing, your subconscious is wide open for programming and whatever you hear will be like a fertile seed in your mind. If you don’t feel it is based in truth in a way that empowers you, then get up and walk away immediately.

There are many forms of divination that are rooted in dark side manipulation, although many are used by good intentioned people. Some say the Tarot is connected to the 72 Goetic Demons connected to our holographic reality and that is why they are so accurate. Regardless, one must be very careful with divination tools. I tell people to avoid the Ouija Board especially. It is an open doorway you may never be able to shut. Most people are completely unaware of how to block these forces or much less that they are even interacting with them (or let’s be honest, that they even exist).

There are many false prophets who are claiming to be the deliverer of the word of God. We are in a confusing time and people are desperate for help. I tell people it is most important to develop your own communication with your higher self through prayer and meditation to get the answers you need. Sometimes we all require help and healing to ascend to the next level.

Just use your own intuition before you hand over the car keys to your soul. Really examine the integrity and energy of the person before you invite them in to your life and read their referrals and see if they feel genuine. See if their website reflects love and compassion. There are some really beautiful souls doing amazing work, so just pray to be aligned to those who are best suited for you. Unfortunately, not everyone’s intentions are obvious. When I am clouded, I often ask my angels and God to block me from seeing anyone who isn’t best for me at this time. Then if the person is late or doesn’t show or suddenly something comes up, I thank God and move on. Remember nothing is more precious than you.

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