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Hidden Facts about Some Common Foods

Many of us have recently become aware of the dangers of GMO’s and pesticides in non organic food. Dairy and meat are full of antibiotics and hormones, all weighing heavily on the body. It is important to shop locally at your farmer’s market to support the local farmers and your own well being. We often brush off the potential effects of toxic foods, but they add up and create disease. A good rule of thumb is never buy something that contains ingredients that you don’t know what they are. Look for another brand, particularly if they contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and any preservatives ending in ATE, or BHT etc. Here are some less obvious things you should know about some of the common foods you may be eating.

PEANUTS- They are actually legumes, which are seeds in pods. They grow in the ground and have a very high mold content. The cancer causing aflatoxins found in peanuts are highest in natural fresh ground butters. I suggest avoiding all kinds. Additionally, in the sixties, they started adding peanut oil to many vaccines and still do. It is a cheap preservative. Many people believe there is a connection in the rise of deadly peanut allergies due to the vaccines. Manufacturers often refuse to disclose the use of peanut oils.

CASHEWS- They come from seeds as well. Raw cashews in stores have actually been steamed prior because they contain the same substance as poison ivy. It can cause inflammation even in small amounts.

TOFU- SOY- Soy is full of aluminum because of the way it is stored. Aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer, amongst other issues. Also, it messes with estrogen significantly and blocks thyroid function. Thyroid is very important for bone health. Men, particularly young boys, should not ingest soy.

ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS- No pink, yellow or blue packets. No Nutrasweet, no aspartame, no saccharin, no Splenda. They are neurotoxins and can cause small miniature strokes/seizures in brain, cancer, links to MS, Parkinson’s and Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Terrible for muscle, bone, and especially nerves. One of the greatest cover ups in history is relative to aspartame, which was once classified as a biological weapon. Check all mints and gums because most have them. Especially, no diet sodas. The liver can not process these, so they hide in the bone and muscle. No small amount is safe. They cause a lot of memory problems and slow the metabolism as well. Sugar alcohols used in many diabetic sugar free products build up in the pancreas and become a choice food for pancreatic flukes, in turn aggravating diabetes. Stevia is natural, however there is evidence that it is not easy for the body to process and may cause problems as well. Stick to honey and raw unbleached sugar, coconut sugar, or other natural sugars sparingly.

CORN SYRUP- It is genetically modified and a cheap source of sugar. It alters the DNA structure of the body. It is in almost everything, so look for other brands that do not carry corn syrup.(example ketchup) High doses, like in sodas, have been proven to punch holes in the stomach lining.

BEER- Most beers are very high in fungal content.

BABY CARROTS- There’s no such thing as baby carrots. They are pieces of other unsavory carrot parts processed into a small carrot. They are washed in bleach.

GREEN PEPPERS- The seeds are toxic to everyone. Other colored peppers are better for you.

POTATOES- Do not eat when sprouted or green because it contains toxic chemical. Cut out brown parts of potato as well.

DRIED FRUITS- High in mold content

CANNED VEGGIES- Unlined cans are high in aluminum. Lined cans contain toxic chemicals. Also, nutritional value is low due to lack of enzymes.

COFFEE- Highly acidic. Chocolate and coffee contain highest pesticide contents of most foods, so be sure to only have organic.

BERRIES- Only organic due to pesticide content as well.

CORN- It is very high in mold content as well and gets stuck in bowel. Popcorn can cause mirco tears in the intestines and cause diverticulitis, amongst other issues.

WHEAT- We always thought gluten was the cause of celiac disease, however we have now discovered the culprit may be gliadin. Gliadin is a protein that was genetically modified to increase crop production in wheat. It is a dangerous toxin. If you have inflammatory disorders, recovering from surgery, suffer from injuries or bloating, then its best to avoid.

NIGHTSHADE VEGGIES- Veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant can all cause inflammation. If you have asthma, lupus, arthritis, or injuries, avoid.

PORK- Contains worms. Also, the frequency of pork runs counter to humans, therefore it creates a distortion in the energy field when we eat it that registers similarly to the frequency of cancer.

Try not to get discouraged and eat as cleanly as you can! It is important for us to use our power as consumers by putting our money where our mouth is. Don’t buy things that poison you and eventually they will learn to stop producing things that harm us!

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