16 Things that Weaken Your Energy

1. Electromagnetic stress (cell phones, towers, computers, wi-fi)

2. Drugs (including prescription/over the counter) Smoking marijuana or cigarettes and Alcohol

3. Florescent lights such as energy efficient bulbs

4. Chemicals in water (drinking and bathing)

5. Preservatives and additives in Food, Hair, Body, Face Care (BHT, anything ending in ATE, ITE, or parabens)    Caffeine, Sugar

6. Vaccinations

7. Mercury Fillings

8. Non Natural Home Cleaning Products (Laundry detergent -bad for hormones also)

9. Clutter

10. Lack of Exercise and Sunlight

11. Stress or lack of sleep

12. Using spells or negative intentions (anger directed at someone)

13. Lying or malicious behavior or deviant activities

14. Violent TV shows/films/media/news

15. Toxic People or toxic conversations

16. Bars/Clubs or places such as cemetery, visiting jails, rehabs, hospitals

A yogi once said that hospitals are so full of toxic energy that they should be burned to the ground every five years. Hospitals, rehabs, jails and bars are full of negative energies and pain that can be absorbed into or attach to your auric field. It is important to be conscientious regarding what weakens your energy and to avoid those things or take measures to protect yourself.

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