14 Signs You May Be Under Psychic Attack

Psychic attack is when negative energies are sent to you consciously or unconsciously by other people. Here are 14 signs which may indicate you are under the influence of harmful energies.

  1. Trouble sleeping, nightmares. Dreams of someone who is causing you problems
  2. Extreme fatigue that feels very heavy or draining
  3. Extreme sadness/pessimism or suicidal thoughts from nowhere
  4. Mood swings that even surprise yourself like rage for no reason
  5. Dizziness or headaches
  6. Irrational Fighting with people you love
  7. Dreams of spiders or snakes or waking up and seeing them momentarily
  8. Hearing negative thoughts that aren’t how you really feel
  9. Memory loss even with simple things like your address
  10. Pin Pricks on skin or strange pain in same places
  11. Financial hardship that seems unlucky
  12. Health issues that can not be diagnosed
  13. Continual bad luck or negative events
  14. Higher than normal urge to have sexual release

If you or someone has more than 3 of these then you may want to contact me for a session at appointments@clarityclearings.com. Please also read my blog about protection and healing baths to help keep your energy strong and clear.

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