18 Red Flags a Healer is Not in Their Integrity

Many years ago I searched for someone to get me out of my tsunami of pain. I was gifted at healing others, but not myself. I went to healers, psychics, biofeedback therapists, psychotherapists, trauma specialists, motivational speakers and anyone with a chosen rescue plan. Sign me up because I was checked out! Unfortunately, I made some very bad choices as to who I entrusted myself too, despite the fact I was so psychic. There are beautiful healers who are in their integrity, however many are not. I realized if I could be so in tune and trust the wrong person, then I knew that many people have probably fallen prey to these manipulators too.

The new age community has three types of healers. One is on the ascended mastery track and is here to heal and elevate consciousness. Another has been programmed with many new age ideologies and believes they are helping, but are often doing very little to transform consciousness and possibly harming people unconsciously. And one is scamming people or doing detrimental things to their clients on purpose.

When people speak of one method to transform consciousness, albeit potentially helpful, please understand its limitations. There is no single method to transform consciousness. When someone holds to channeling higher beings and only speaks of an angelic hierarchy, then this person often is stuck as well.

When you are looking for someone to elevate you to the next level, remember this. They are not your God and you are not their disciple. It is important to question and it’s even more important to know one person doesn’t have all the answers.

When you meet someone with the gift of healing or helping, you often are in a state of incredible vulnerability. In those desperate moments, we often are seeking saving so much that we start missing important cues. And it puts us in a dangerous predicament to be in the position of needing rescue. If we feel temporary relief, we often hand over our discretion and surrender much needed boundaries. We put ourselves at risk of making someone our Guru.

Signs a healer is not in their integrity.

1) You feel dependent upon them and they allow this cycle to continue. However warm hearted this may seem, they are lacking boundaries if they allow you to drain them. I have learned my lessons on both side of this coin.
2) They hook you with the belief that they are the only person capable of being the highest authority in your life. For instance, they would never recommend or validate another healer, unless they felt this person was completely beneath their skillset. And they would be happy to remind of you of such. Humility is not their game.
3) Their kindness is a direct reflection of how available you are to them.
4) Instead of feeling inspired, you feel like you are on a merry go round of acceptance and disappointment, often like with a disapproving parent.
5) You are very attached to them liking you and knowing you are good person.
6) You often feel sad and confused by random statements they make that seem to contradict something they said prior.
7) They are often redundant repeating the same lessons or mantras because they honestly do not have a vast amount of spiritual knowledge.
8) Feeling drained after leaving them, often to prior feeling elated.
9) They willingly offer spells or energy manipulation as such.
10) Life is suddenly easier upon meeting them, but quickly becomes increasingly more difficult.
11) Trouble sleeping, night terrors, panic, negative thoughts after meditating or healing with them.
12) Feeling completely ungrounded and out of body or dizzy after a session.
13) This is not a person you would normally want to know as a person. Judgmental or doesn’t seem light and loving.
14) If there’s a neon sign in the window with a picture of a hand, I say pass.
15) If their website says “Reunites Lovers” it’s a sign they go against free will. Might sound rewarding in the moment, but this will open your field to the demonic realm.
16) They can be ice cold with no feeling when they relay bad news to you. They may say loving things, however the y leave you feeling scared and the emotion of compassion is not there.
17) They leave you in a desperate state wanting more. They make a lot of false promises and say they all the things you want to hear, however they continue needing more of your money.
18) They double speak. They say it is up to you, but if you choose differently they make you feel you made the wrong choice. They require unending loyalty.

If something doesn’t feel right, please always trust your gut. Take your time and connect with source and ask to be shown the truth about this person in a dream. Pray for answers and you will receive them.

Trusting someone with our energy is more important than any other thing in the world. If you didn’t know someone fully, you would never hand over the keys to your home and the passwords to your bank account. Your soul is the most precious gift you will ever know, so please be careful who you invite in to your life for healing. There are many healers who can band aid your life. There are the rare few who can change your life. And there are many who shouldn’t be healing at all. Many have good intentions, but do not have the tools to be opening doors that they shouldn’t. And some are doing things you could never imagine. Do not be in fear. Just be aware of the signs. And if you feel misled, just forgive yourself for the lesson and move on. Pray and trust in yourself to make a more conscientious decision the next time.

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  1. Thank you again, Amy. Your points are so important… searching for guidance, we are vulnerable. Listening to “intuition” is linked to higher guidance.
    WE all know these types. Listening to our inner voice gives the confidence to get behind the wheel on our healing journeys. It is not done for us, applied to us, or infallible, as only we know who we are as individuals. One tonic does not cure all ills.

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