End Times?

Right now, there’s a surge of a new consciousness forming in the world. It’s the most exciting time of our lives and possibly one of the most frightening. People are realizing they are not in control. Cancer was recently classified as an epidemic. People are terrified they are going to be killed by an angry pig with the flu. Other’s are scared they have to comply without any question to anything that may be asked of them. They fear they will die if they don’t follow all orders. We keep giving up our civil liberties all in the name of protecting ourselves from the bogeymen of life. People keep asking me what’s going on and to be honest no one really knows. There are speculators, philosophers, theologians, healers, and downright crazy people claiming to channel anyone’s dead dog to get answers. Who should we listen to?

Remember all of the madness around Y2K? Remember the apocalyptic dread of 2012? People were losing their minds and absolutely nothing happened. I am not saying nothing will happen, but I am saying that there’s no way to predict it. We may receive warnings to bring ourselves into balance, but no one will know the outcome of anything far in advance. The collective conscious is shifting at record speed. A new energy is emerging and it’s bringing light into the darkness. It’s casting truth amidst the shadows. It’s causing a revelation of the truth amongst lies. People are no longer able to control and dominate as easily as before.

Money used to be obtained through manipulation, power and greed. It was for the taking. Now, the energy is shifting to a new paradigm, where abundance will be obtained through receiving. It will shift from the masculine into the feminine. We will witness many old forms of establishments crumble, so a new life can emerge. We mustn’t be scared, unless we are the ones who wish to cling to the old way of doing things. Achieving through dominance will no longer work. These old leaders will no longer be able to suppress the will of those who hold their light. There may be temporary chaos before there is a new earth.

The most important thing we can do now is look at the areas of our own lives that demand clearing, uprooting, shifting. We are witnessing things that no longer serve us. In the past, we could suppress these emotions. Now, they are intolerable and for good reason. The higher consciousness is rising up in each one of us stirring all of our pain, so we can transmute it and live a better life. If we resist the shift, then we pay heavily. Our lives will emulate disasters until we submit and surrender to the healing our souls are calling for. If you prepare now, then you will gracefully align to the new paradigm of what is beyond a cataclysm. If you do not, it will be difficult to resist the transition and possibly brutal to experience and witness in others. Either way, something new and beautiful is emerging.

The birthing process often isn’t easy, but the end result is a new life. If we delay the labor, the child can often die or experience extreme complications. We must push. We must push beyond our limits because we know we must. We must help each other through this difficult and confusing time because we are in this together. We must recognize that everyone is feeling distorted and doubtful. We must start with our own inner struggles and surrender to the energy that is here to assist the transformation. And remember transformations often feels like death because old worn out parts of us are dying to a new formation of life. Every time we graduate or say goodbye or age another decade, we feel a loss, but with each loss there’s a new beginning.

We must not give in to the fear of the world ending and the madness that surrounds these movies and talk shows and blogs about the end times. Do I think we will all suffer a mass death eventually? I am hoping so. I am hoping it’s a death of the consciousness that feeds on the fear of humanity. A change is coming. So, let’s make it a good one and start now by not paying for unconscious films or watching people vomit deception and spoon feed it to us for breakfast. Start by cleaning your own lives and releasing what no longer serves you. If it’s apocalyptic, then none of us will ever know when it hits anyway, so you might as well make yourself happier until then.

Most likely, we are just entering a new paradigm. A paradigm beyond our wildest dreams. So, don’t let the old paradigm fight to keep you down because it’s afraid of dying. It wants to keep us in the fight to forget how powerful and amazing we truly are. Don’t give your thoughts or precious self to any of the fear. It is important to educate yourself about the deception, so you can see the prison walls, However, we must realize those walls are not real and have no true power over us. The ones who perpetuate the fear are terrified of the love and want to keep the shift from happening. They have been successful at their game and now it is soon about to end. It’s actually their cataclysm, not yours. Your life is just about to begin.

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