Why do spiritual people seem to suffer harder lessons?

Why does it seem that those who are more diligent in their growth and true to themselves have more struggle? I do not believe God has singled you out and wants you to understand the art of suffering.

I heard a beautiful analogy once that I’d like to expand on. Let’s compare life to a highway. Let’s say that our souls are the vessels that hold our consciousness. We are riding in our vessels (cars) down the highway (life). For this comparison, we shall say that most cars are going down the road approximately 15 miles per hour. Most people are poking along with the masses following the collective speed limit. When you get plugged into your power, you are going upwards of 200 to 300 miles per hour. Which one has a more catastrophic outcome if you wreck off the path?

If you were going slowly with the sheep, then you would simply vear off your exit and glide right back on. You may hit a bumper and have a little ding like a kid at the bowling alley. You might feel a little lost and confused, but you would see all the other cars ahead and get right back on and follow along. If you were going fast, then you would probably wreck off into oblivion into the middle of a field with your car upside down, your arm ripped out if it’s socket, and your hair on fire. You would probably have to crawl your butt down to the highway to hitch a slow ride, until you figured out how to repair your vehicle. And you sure wouldn’t be looking pretty.

When we can understand that no one is punishing us, then we can free ourselves. When we plug into our power, there are extraordinary consequences when we step out of line. I think it’s a way to protect us as well. We can not connect to the good aspects of our power and then misuse that power. We are like children when it comes to understanding energy. We have not been taught about our own power and what we are truly capable of. We must have consequences, so we can never abuse this energy and therefore stay true to our higher purpose.

It is easy to victimize yourself when you feel other people get life handed to them so easily and you are begging for a little morsel. We must realize that it is simply the rate at which we are moving. If you stick true to your path, your desires and thoughts will materialize much more easily than others. This can be beautiful or disastrous. We must till the land of our subconscious minds, so we can plant seeds of positivity. Then the miracles will happen. Remember, if your path is hard, continue to be aware of the signs that signal you are headed off course. Then you can stop yourself from wrecking each and every time. You will feel empowered instead of out of control.

If a racecar driver thought the track was against him, he’d probably create the worst outcome imaginable. He must be steady and meditative and only focused on what is ahead, never who or what is behind him. We must follow this principle as well and trust the force guiding us. We must be grateful for the ability to go great speeds and accomplish things others wouldn’t dare. So understand, when you connect to your power, there may be things you can no longer participate in like others can. You may no longer be able to indulge in certain foods or drugs/alcohol. You can no longer implant your mind with fear porn like horror films and the nightly news. You will have to say goodbye to the shows/films that promote hatred, jealousy, and greed. When you let go of the toxic mind dumping, you will crave stories and ideas based on knowledge, wisdom, and soul evolution.

You will have to watch what you impregnate in your mind and you will have to stalk your weaknesses like a hungry lion. You will have to take dominion over the realm of your mind, pull up those negative weeds, stop planting those seeds and feed yourself something else. If you don’t take control over your mind, someone or something else will. When release your attachments to these things that no longer serve you, have a 1 minute pity party and then eliminate them from your life. Once you plug into your power, there’s no turning back, so you might as well accept you’re no longer a sheep. And with that realization, you must accept that you no longer get to do herd like things.The sooner you accept this, the sooner your life will transform and you will feel a deep sense of peace. You will no longer ask why me and you will answer because I am called to do great things and I am blessed.

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