Quick Tip- Dumping Marilyn Monroe

We have all had our secret love affairs with the Marilyn Monroes and Audrey Hepburns of our time, but it may not be wise to hang them on our walls. It is a powerful tradition to honor your ancestors who have passed away by commemorating them in your homes. However, pictures are very powerful symbols that create a strong vibrational resonance. If you knew someone, then this is a lovely way to show honor to them and create a space for prayer and remembrance. If you place a picture of someone you loved who passed away, it makes it easier for that soul to connect with you. Think of it as a spiritual window. However, when it comes to famous icons, many spirits connect with these pictures and often will use those portals as an entryway into your home. At the very least, some of these photos can activate the subconscious mind to focus on death. Each area of your home according to feng shui represents an area of your life. You do not want to active the energy of tragedy in any corner of that energy field you reside in. So my advice is go ahead and dump the Marilyn Monroes.

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