Hauntings- Hip or Horror?

Haunted places have become hot spots for those who are intrigued by the paranormal. In theory, this sounds thrilling, but it’s actually putting people at risk. People explore these places with the curiosity of a small child, a child who thinks it’s a good idea to roast marshmallows, on your living room floor.

I have to admit when I was younger I loved sitting by campfires hearing stories about scary ghosts. I saw plenty of spirits show up at the foot of my bed at night, so I didn’t have to go sneaking through some haunted house to find them. The idea appealed to me, until I grew up and learned about these trapped tortured souls and their potential impact on my well-being. I have heard people say that they knew they had a ghost and that they enjoyed their company. My nightly visitors were never nice enough to fold my laundry like one of my clients experienced.

Some find it amusing and others feel infringed upon and terrified. Some spirits can become quite territorial, particularly if they died in the place where you currently live. They often feel you are invading their space. Most importantly, these souls do not know they are dead. They are living in a constant state of confusion.
These souls need to be crossed into the light. There are some healers who teach people that if the ghost is happy then leave them be. This is reckless for all parties involved. These souls are sad and distressed and deserve to be returned home to their loved ones. Often when they died, they resisted their crossing and didn’t recognize the light that came to get them. Sometimes this is due to the violent nature of their passing or their belief system regarding the afterlife. When souls are stuck, they are not connecting to the higher realms. They have cut themselves off from source, therefore they need energy to sustain themselves. Lost souls become parasitic and can latch on to any host who can help them.

If you have a ghost attachment, it can be very draining and reap negative effects on your health and energy field. For this reason, I do not recommend visiting haunted houses, the famous dead tours, old asylums, former prisons like Alcatraz, or other memorial sites where large amounts of deaths occurred. I have had to clear people of numerous spirits after visiting Auschwitz. It has become a new trend to watch movies in cemeteries and these are places of intense trauma at the very least. Hospitals are so toxic from all the energy of death, pain and lost souls, one sage recommended that they be burned down every five years. Even if you don’t pick up a lost friend or frightening poltergeist, it is imperative you surround yourself with the most positive energy possible. We aren’t taught enough about the value of our energy field and vibration, so we naively seek thrills without being aware of the potentially serious ramifications.

People often take me seriously when I speak on various topics, but for some reason want to hang on to their naivety in this particular area. I am often met with a response of denial that says, “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad. I don’t think it’s a big deal.” Tell that to the lady I worked with who was possessed for ten years after she had surgery. A dead woman jumped into her body while she was under anesthesia. Dealing with spirits is no joke and can sometimes lead to illnesses, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and recurrent bad luck. There is nothing to fear because most souls just wish to move on and need a little assistance. However, it is vital that you don’t play with fire and purposely seek out these experiences.

Soon, I will do an article on spirit attachments and how to prevent/release them. There are many ways to keep your vibration and boundaries up to stop this from happening. If you feel you have a more serious issue with energy manipulation or entities, please contact me for a session at appointments@clarityclearings.com.

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