My Vampire Diary

When I was a child, my very psychic grandmother once told me there was great truth hidden in mythology. Although she was named Angel, she kept her feet on the ground and her head out of the clouds, so I was confused by her teaching. My grandmother was a brilliant woman, who never took her gift lightly.

I was a little girl who pondered if werewolves and mermaids were real. I wanted to shake hands with gnomes and fly with fairies. The idea seemed so magical, yet terrifying. I was fairly certain Angel didn’t believe that they existed, so I wasn’t capable of understanding the wisdom she shared until I was much older.

Many years ago, in the beginning of my spiritual journey, I worked at a store that I now reference as “my psychic boot camp”. I sat side by side with modern day gypsies and con men and a few who were genuinely talented psychics. I thought most of them wanted to help people or at least earn a clean living. I was naïve.

During my course of working at this toxic dump, I slowly became aware of energies and how they were impacting my system. I had innocently believed that if you didn’t believe in dark mojo, then it wouldn’t find you. It is a common lie that hemorrhages throughout the new age community. It is a wish that puts many people in danger. I had to have my ass whooped to stop that little dance of denial, so eventually I could educate others.

One Friday night I was helping a new client with a difficult situation. I had been very busy for two hours and my energy was flying high. As I closed my eyes to listen within for advice, a sledgehammer came swooping in and crashed over my brain. I almost collapsed to the floor. It was a sensation I had never felt before. It was physical pain beyond any migraine I’d ever experienced. Like my car had just crashed going 90 miles an hour into a cement wall. Except, I wasn’t in a car. I was in a cubicle.

I looked up at my client searching for an answer. Her big brown doe eyes smiled back at me and I knew she wasn’t responsible. Seeing the grey wash over me, she asked, “Are you okay?” I almost vomited no.
I ran to the front of the room and told the manager, “I have an emergency. I have to leave now.” He said, “You can’t afford to leave. You are booked up all night.” I told him I couldn’t afford to stay. I have no idea how I made it home over the long canyon drive.

I slid into a salt bath and felt very little change, so I decided to meditate and get some clarity. I heard, “You are under psychic attack.” I was shown an image of a clerk at the store. I couldn’t understand what it meant or what I was supposed to do about it. Why would Sour Grapes have a problem with me? As a deep sadness came over me, I knew this was the beginning of the death of my spiritual innocence.

It took me a whole week to get out of bed. My body was weak and shaky and I felt like I had barely recovered from a bad flu. I returned to the store, so I wouldn’t lose my job and so I could confront my attacker.

I decided to confide in a fellow psychic, so I told her what happened. She already knew. It turned out she was sleeping with the enemy and the young girl had confessed some guilt. I was right. She said she formed a black ball of hate in her heart and threw it towards my head. She was tired of dealing with my clients calling because I was the most sought after psychic at the store. She also felt I smiled too much and needed a heavy dose of reality.

I waited for the night to slow down and I approached my little hate thrower. I smiled at her and said, “Hey I know what you did.” I saw the blood pour out of her face as she turned Casper white. In a friendly manner I said, “Do you believe I am psychic?” She said, “Yes. I believe you are one of the only real ones here.” I said, “Do you know how I got to be this psychic?” She went blank. I said, “Because life beat the hell out of me relentlessly since I was a small child. I smile because I survived. I smile because I feel good helping others do the same. I don’t need your lessons.” She apologized and claimed she was really freaked out that it hurt me that badly.

From that point on, I kept a close watch on her and some of her homeys. I wanted to know how she did that to me and who else would be capable of such a feat. When I meditated late at night, I noticed she had a group of four people who worked with her. They would leave their bodies and torture people in the astral realm, while their victims slept. They would send chords to their bodies and suck on their energetic bodies to fill themselves up with their chi. (psychic vampirism, I will blog on this later)

Several weeks later, one of hate throwers buddies came into my cubicle for some advice. When I glanced down at the floor upon his entry behind my curtain, it seemed like his feet were several inches off the ground. I knew this was my psychic vision, however, I saw it as clearly as I saw the laces on his shoes.

“Omg, you are a vampire,” screamed my mouth diarrhea. He smiled and sat down, “How did you know?” I said, “I saw you fly in here.” I was thinking to myself I might need a straightjacket soon and he might have to come with me. My only mythological touchstone was formerly The Lost Boys. I had never heard of this.

He seemed bewildered that I knew. He told me that no one should see what he is and that they go to great lengths to shield themselves. He was fascinated and fearful that I tracked him. Ignoring his cue I asked, “Why don’t you ever attack me?” He said, “I like you. Besides, I am not dumb enough to mess with you. I read your coding.” Coding?

He explained to me that everyone has a code in their energy field that determines where they come from spiritually. He said, “Messing with you would activate great karma in the long haul for me. I would eventually end up dead. Plus, you’re cool.”

I sat in complete amazement and fear coupled with confusion. I was not sure what to think. I closed my eyes and gave him some advice. I told him that he was brought to Los Angeles to assist and help head the Vampiric Church. I opened my eyes and said, “Wait there’s a church like that?” I was used to learning new information every day, however, this one shook me to my core.

He said, “Wow. You are really gifted. Yes, that’s all true. People would be shocked if they knew how big it really is.” I saw that he and his groupies drank blood and our manager at the store was the primary donor. He explained that drinking blood gave powers that were beyond normal spiritual capacity and often felt like heavy doses of cocaine. It also can be quite addictive. Surprisingly, I didn’t judge him, although I knew it was entirely evil. Here we were sitting opposite sides completely and we both had respect for each other.

I told him that he would rise to the top of this organization through the years, yet he would develop some serious health problems from drinking blood. He claimed if you are a true vampire, ingesting blood doesn’t make one sick. I countered and said, “You aren’t one.” Months later he had to have heart surgery due to extreme anemia, which comes from drinking human blood.

I revealed to him that he was born to learn all the secrets of these people and then expose them to the public. I said, “This may shock you, but you aren’t on their side.” He said, “I have had glimpses of that.” I knew one day he’d become an instrumental part in teaching others about some of the hidden energetic problems we are having in today’s world. I am still waiting for that to happen. My last day at the store, he said to me “Be careful of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s far more sinister than someone like me.”

It was a phrase my grandmother used to always say. She said the ones to fear aren’t those who showcase their darkness. Worry about the ones who smile and pray for you, while they plan your downfall and daggers in your back. My introduction to real life vampires was my first view into the world of the dark supernatural. I began to understand that we are severely limited in our scope beyond the spirit veil. As my abilities grew, so did my lessons. I learned that vampires are just a small blip on the radar when it comes to spiritual troubles. As I gained deeper insight, I made it my mission to share my wisdom even at the risk of being unpopular or appearing crazy. It’s a big world out there and we have barely scratched its surface.

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