How to Know if You are a Child of Destiny

I absolutely love this sermon by TD Jakes. It resonates truth on every level. When you are a child of destiny, you may feel discarded and rejected by other groups of people in your life. You may have felt that you didn’t “belong” in this world. You may have wanted to “go home” many times when you were younger. Or you think if you could just move somewhere else, then maybe that would make you feel better. Yet, when you think of other cities or nations, you can’t imagine it giving you what you need. On a core level, you know you are different.

You have to stop trying to fit into a world that is in a complete identity crisis. Some days it looks like a mad insane asylum. Who would strive to fit into that construct? We are not meant to belong here. We are not from here. Were are from different realms, so release your attachment to fitting in. It will never work and it isn’t serving you. When you accept you came here to shift consciousness, then you will accept those who don’t accept you and you will stop trying to mold yourself into a human. You are a soul living a human experience.

If this is you, then please realize that NOTHING is wrong with you. It simply means you were born a child of destiny and you are not resonating with the unconscious resistance from most people. Look around the world and you can see that humanity is extremely out of balance. There is a deep purging of negativity going on right now. Understand that this energy is pushing you to purge your deepest negative patterns as well.

Surround yourself with open, loving people and expose yourself to positive media content. Don’t allow your vibration to be manipulated by self serving agendas and people. Your energy is priceless, so do not be suckered into traps of exciting violent shows like Game of Thrones or the local nightly horror news. Choose conscious observation. Use your mind and your time wisely.

And most of all, stop thinking you are defective. Share your love and if someone can’t accept a higher vibration, then don’t take it personally. Move along and put that energy into your dreams and back out into the world.

Do yourself a favor and watch this short clip of TD Jake’s powerful sermon below…

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  1. Hey missy, just read this. It’s so well written and it really spoke to me. Thank you so much for posting it and sharing it with me and others.

    Lots of love,


  2. Powerful. Clear. Hopeful. Helpful. A reminder; Our “success” as we imagine it, may not be the outcome we need in order to grow. We are short-sighted. The Universe has a plan, deals the cards, and we can only play them to the best of our ability. More will be revealed. I never count on tomorrow anymore. I just see what unfolds, and my part in making the most of it. Here’s to a better world. p.s. I only get the news as delivered by the late night comedians.

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