New World Order or New Age?

Consciousness is shifting at a rapid speed and most of us feel like we can’t keep up. Some of us are aware of the inner change where our old outdated systems are falling apart and are welcoming a rebirth. Others continue seeking the latest trends and gossip as it soars through the ethers of our new found psyche, the world wide web. Hypnotized by the stories and symbols of the corporate media that shape our own private interests, to create a vision of the world they command.

The positive part of this is that those who want to embrace the new age are chasing the frequencies like a collective pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow. The negative part of this is that those who aren’t aware are still chasing the collective pot of gold at the end of their childhood dream. Soon to wake up and realize the gold is gone and the banks have come to collect what is owed. Debt that wasn’t created by us, but is expected to be paid. Some of us knowing we are enslaved to the machine, all while others thinking they are free. Is it better to think you are in a free world while reality is being dictated to you or is it better to know you are imprisoned and have no clue how to set yourself free? We are confused. As Dolly Parton would say, “We don’t know whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts.” No matter what side of the coin we are on, we all have something in common. We are struggling with the New Age.

There has been a lot of political conspiracy talk about The New World Order. It’s a phrase that sends shivers up my spine. We counterbalance that phrase with A New Age, a rebirth into a world of love and infinite possibility. One is about using control in the name of operation freedom and the other is truly about freeing yourself from that programmed mindset. We are puppets that can’t see who is pulling our strings. All while sounding wildly insane and terrifying, it doesn’t make it any less true. To make matters worse, many of those who crave the design of the New World are using New Age philosophies to lure the innocent. They think if we can hold ourselves responsible for everything by principles of karma and self-accountability, then we won’t look outside to those who created the prison system and revolt. We have also been shown what happens when we stand up like those before who were shot down. In broad daylight, like JFK.

So where do we start and how do we finish? Well, we must first look within at all of our beliefs. ALL OF THEM. And resurrect those beliefs in order to slay them. We must not believe anything, not even ourselves all while trusting only ourselves. See the confusion? How do you trust yourself and not believe yourself? This is about surrendering the mind without letting it get taken over by others. You need to be a witness to your actions and thoughts. You need your inner knowing to guide you back to who you really are. This isn’t Buddha or Allah or the many symbols you have been indoctrinated with. Jesus wouldn’t care what you think you know. You need to decide why you believe the stories you were told growing up. You need to decide who wrote the script to your life and why you have chosen to act that out.

We have been conditioned to be altruistic and like martyrs. We are taught to give everything away at a fundamental level. We are taught there is always someone suffering more than we are suffering. We are taught to barely keep what is ours and that it’s our dying duty to serve. Serve your parents, serve your community, serve your country, serve your world, serve all those less fortunate than you. We are engrained with an ideology to serve society no matter what the cost. In our culture we are so obsessed with consumerism and being wealthy and getting a piece of the pie that we fight to serve ourselves. And again this goes against the principle of how we were indoctrinated, so we end up serving bigger causes like the new candidate or law that is set to restrict us even further. We serve and serve and serve and we don’t think for a minute who are we really serving? Are we getting used to being the servant? Yes, we are and there’s a reason for that. So we don’t question where our money goes. So we don’t question why children get massacred in the name of freedom. So we are dutifully willing to giving to a bigger cause that greatly costs us for the so called “greater good”. So that we lose sight of our own individual purpose. Yes, it is crucial to be a kind soul and care about our planet, but let us make sure we don’t give away our rights to form a one world community in the name of hope and love when it is really to enslave those same people we think we are saving.

We do not need a one world government to dictate our private lives. We do not need a one world army to save us from the aliens or a dying diabetic on dialysis in a cave. We do not need spying on Americans in our homes just to prevent the possibility of one monster being loosed. We have had monsters since the beginning of time. Now we just don’t see who the monsters really are, but instead those monsters are the ones watching us. Watching our point of views. Watching what we post and what we tweet. Watching where we spend and who we call.

Stop eating the media spin for breakfast. Stop getting distracted about Jessica Symptoms love for candy bars while we miss the banking catastrophe. Stop tweeting about how suddenly Amanda Bynes looks like a porno Miley Cyrus on a meth binge. Amanda had a public outcry demanding that she be repaid a million dollars a year as recompense for all the years she has been mind controlled. Martin Lawrence pulled a gun out and said they were trying to kill him. Who? We didn’t ask. We called them crazy. Dave Chappelle left behind a fifty million dollar deal and they said he flew to Africa and was cracked out on drugs. We called him crazy. Calling someone crazy before you dig beyond the media hype they put in your IV drip is reckless and the corporate powers rely on you thinking like the pawns they designed. What is it going to take for us to stop?

We no longer have the Martin Luther Kings of the world, so we are bowing down to false idols. Hoping someone will lift us up. And we are SO desperate for a way out that we aren’t really listening to what is behind the promises of peace, which is often times war. We are hearing what they want us to hear. We are seeing what they want us to see. We are feeling what they want us to feel. Do you know why the woman’s movement was created? They funded women’s lib because they wanted to finally be able to tax half the population they couldn’t tax before. They wanted to get children out of homes and break up the family. They wanted the system to be seen as the authority in people’s lives, not their parents. We have to look behind the mirrored glass, if we want to know where we are headed. If we don’t, we won’t be able to return to who we really are.

I know most would prefer I feed you cotton candy so we can all poop ice cream, but in order to get to bliss we have to take off the blindfolds. I know you want me to sound sweeter and layer in some light over the darkness like a good bed time story, but we are not children anymore and my job is to shine the light to expose that darkness. People say well this is really scary and I don’t want to believe in a world like that so I will just attack her and her philosophy. This isn’t a philosophy. This isn’t some baffling ideology. This is the truth. An ugly truth. So let’s get right down in it, so we can stop pretending its sunny when there’s a level 5 hurricane in our backyard. Let’s wake up so we can sleep at night.

People laughed at my visions five and ten years ago about the world we were entering. Well those people aren’t laughing now because those visions have come true. You can heed the warning and evolve out of here. Or you can remain one of the sheeple. It’s easier to close your eyes and go back to bed, but one day the curtain will pull back and no amount of hiding will keep you from seeing. You’ll wish you could dream something else. So start asking yourself important questions. And start asking others as well. Don’t listen to speeches of hopes and promises. Stop quoting who captured who in the war on Terror. The greatest war isn’t on terror, it is the war on your mind. Terror is a phantom ghost who can never be captured.

Ask yourself why all the same colors and symbols are used in the greatest corporations on the planet. Ask yourself why we are ready to micro-chip Americans and many of the armed service are already chipped. Ask yourself why they have created Super Soldiers who are young innocent victims-men and women who have computer chips in their brains so they can shoot without mercy and perform manual tasks that far outweigh a human’s natural capacity. Not true? Ask the federal judge who wrote the Bill of Rights for this “new” breed of man.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and as memory serves icebergs can bring down unsinkable ships and we are too arrogant in this great country to act as though we are immune to the monumental risk. People say that will never happen. May I remind those that every single thing Hitler did was legal. Every single thing. People rely on the good nature of the world and say that will never happen and I am here to say it is not when it will happen. It is happening. It has happened, so get off that dog because that dog has been hunted and there’s no amount of wishing and hoping to bring him back to life.

It is time to stop thinking if you are for the red or for the blue. Stop picking sides. The game is to keep us polarized. I am not suggesting light warriors against the dark. I am just suggesting we put an end to the madness. Ask yourself deeper questions. Don’t slay the whistleblowers. Stop trying to debunk them. Ask the questions of the mini Snowdens and the recent Merck Virologists who came out swinging saying vaccinations are a fraud and they purposely infect the population for increase in profit. Ask questions and more questions and more questions and get in touch with yourself because reality is far from reality. Awaken to the manipulation in your life and the part you are playing in that manipulation. Wake Up. And keep waking up. Refuse to accept the limited scope of view people will give you about what’s really going on in the world. Keep searching. Our only way out, our only ascension, is through ourselves. And time is soon to be a thing of the past.

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