Your Purpose

One of the main questions people ask me is “What is my purpose”? I find that this question is often really “What am I meant to do with my life” versus how am I meant to live it. We are so conditioned as children to create the lives desired by our parents or by those whom we deemed worthy of admiring that we don’t even ask ourselves what do I really want. It isn’t often you hear parents speaking of their children say, “Oh I really hope Billy ends up a Pilates teacher.” And it’s a shame.

We are so conditioned to thrive and survive as a species that we forget to evolve. And that is really what we are here to do. Earth was an original hot spot, a prime real estate location in the cosmos, the Belize of the Milky Way. It was a free place to experience bliss in tangible form, but we paid the price heavily and devolved. As we became separate from our Creator, we lost our ability to transcend into higher realms and we got stuck in the wheel of life. Earth was no longer the premier island amidst the stars. We birthed a dream that kept creating cycles of love coupled with catastrophes.

When people ask me, what is my purpose, I respond by saying to wake up and evolve beyond the realm of the 3rd dimension into the 4th and 5th’s and beyond. God doesn’t really care how you get there. You can express yourself through any creation you choose to manifest, whether it is as an artist, a builder, a healer, or a scientist. You can do whatever you want for we are in the realm of the free will. However, if you have chosen the spiritual path, there is one caveat…Your soul will not let your creations serve yourself. You will not be here to astonish yourself with your awesome works and if you self indulge, then your works and your perceived greatness will be taken from you. Often the things we enjoy doing are not always the things we are best at creating. Whatever comes naturally to you and what you do best is often your soul treasure you are meant to share to help others. We are often not honest with ourselves about our gifts. Sometimes they are not flattering enough for our ego to want to share them and this is how we reduce our worth and miss our purpose.

If you want to know your purpose in the macrocosm of the world, then look at the microcosm of your life. Your struggles and strengths are the template for you attaining your freedom. Once you figure out what you are here to master in your own life, then you will know what you are meant to share with the world.

Attaining mastery is no easy task. As children of the light, we love to play, however we must remember Earth is no longer the realm of relaxation and time off. It is now a place of growing and repair. It is a serious mission to uplift the spirit of humanity and we must start with healing our own wounded hearts.

People so desperately want to matter. They want to be glorified and recognized because they were often torn down in their childhoods. And the danger of this dream is that it feeds the ego and not the soul. When you allow yourself to be deified than you will soon undoubtably see the day when you are demonized by those same people who once adored you. If you put someone on a pedestal, they will fall and crush you. What goes up, must come down. It is all about learning to balance.

There are other star systems and beings who depend on us getting this right. We need to shift into the great wide open. We need to arise to a bigger cause. We each need to understand that we ourselves got us into this great imagination exploration and we need to dream something more fantastic to get us out.

We are addicted to dreaming of war and violence, gossip and slander, nuggets and fries. We need to elevate, meditate, and arise for this glorious occasion. We are here to enter into a new paradigm where Earth ascends into the higher realms and we go with her.

Do you recall seeing pictures of the second coming of Christ where everyone is floating up into the sky? This is the truest meaning of the word ascension. It is when your body and the Earth reach into the 4th and 5th dimensions without having to experience physical death. It doesn’t mean Jesus is going to swoop off a thunder cloud and pick the good children for favor to come home. It means your consciousness will elevate and calibrate to these other realms. Your body will operate at a frequency of light that changes the whole genetic structure of your DNA so you can travel to places you never knew existed and those you have missed beyond time. We now have a front row seat into the greatest show in the Cosmos, the ascension of a fallen humanity rising into the realm of love and infinite possibility.

So how do you ascend? Well, the planet is ushering in these new waves of powerful transformative frequencies right now and they are increasing moment by moment. If you choose to ignore it, then the changes will feel like cataclysms in your life by rupturing you open. If you accept the process, it will be much easier. All you can do is prepare yourself. You need to open your vessel and make it whole again, so it can be filled up with these new waves of light. You must uplift yourself, your body, your mind, and your soul. You must clear the debris of the past. Keep peeling back the layers of the onion, so you can reach the core of yourself. You do not need instructions. Your soul will lead you to what you need to read, to eat, to utilize, and who and what you need to let go of. It is all a matter as to whether you will listen. There is no point to “arrive” to and be done. We will never be done.

You will continue to shift upward into greater and greater capacities of wisdom, love, and understanding. You will dump the toxicity and the beliefs that no longer serve you. Emptying the shame of not doing, being or having enough. You will say goodbye to the lies that defined you and when people question your worth or wonder what you are doing, you will simply smile. You will detach from the patriarchal world view that you are not a success without property, youth, career, marriage, or whatever old outdated systems you allowed to strangle you. You will die a death a thousand times to the old you that you once knew. You will no longer care what anyone thinks and you will just be moving forward into higher forms of consciousness. And as you elevate, your knowledge will permeate the atmosphere and you will heal those around you through your words, your creations, and most of all your new vibrations of love. That is your ONLY purpose.

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