The New Age Poo

Many people are feeling so depressed and restricted that they are turning against the old outdated ideas they were indoctrinated with in search of answers that have deeper meaning. Many are feeling that their religious upbringing is no longer satisfying their unquenchable hunger. They are looking to experts of new age ideology and spirituality verses their former priests and preachers.

Some of this is good and some is not so good. It’s awesome that we are seeking and we must continue. It is necessary that we break the shackles on our souls and liberate ourselves. Yet, we must be cautious to stop seeking authority, so that we don’t continue the cycle of giving away our power. We have so many self-appointed help gurus and spiritual teachers. Most of them simply regurgitate psycho new age babble. Often, it’s just a different title on an old book with a new cover by a younger author. A lot of it is like a temporary band aid for the soul. And a lot of it contradicts itself and becomes so confusing that many end up disempowered. It is rare to find a teacher who emulates true wisdom that resonates with today’s current problems.

The new age religion has taken the world by storm. As with all teachings, we have to sort through the distortions in order to find the golden nuggets. It will be some time still before we all discover the truth. As we are emerging from our slumber and slowly awakening, we are being misled at times. It is important we are aware of some of the inconsistencies in this uprising movement. As with all religions, there are lies and there are flaws, so one must be smart and know that this religion is no different. Discernment is the key to our enlightenment.

Lies of the New Age Religion

1) We are all one.
You may ask yourself how this could be a negative idea. Well, in theory the concept is lovely. However, it is being used to separate us from our true unique individuality. There are some dominant world forces that prey on our desire for utopia and connection, so they continue their campaign for a one world army, one world currency, and one world order. The language has changed to “we” and “us” verses the “I”. It plays in to our desire to conquer the ego, while they seek to destroy the “self”. It lets us know we are a group and no longer a person with individual sovereign rights to exist as one would wish. It says we are responsible for every living thing.

We are all extraordinary emanations of God and each have our special gifts to impart onto the world. We are like individual thumbprints. No two snowflakes in the universe are alike. We are a part of a collective energy here on Earth, however we are all very different and many of us come from different places. Many different agendas are at play. I do believe that there are large groups of us who are here to assist humanity into a global shifting of consciousness. In that respect, I would agree that we are in this together. Yet, be weary of “we are all one”. Pay attention to what is being asked of you after you hear that being advertised. There is often a hidden agenda at work so you may be coerced to give up your rights and freedoms in the name of a bigger cause.

2) You attract everything into your life.
This philosophy bothers me more than any other new age teaching. I do believe in the concept of action, reaction (karma) as the Buddha taught and in Christ’s teaching who said, “Yes, but in a moment of grace, all is forgiven.” I believe in karma, but it is way more complicated than most explanations I have ever read or heard of. We are caught up in laws of the universe and rules that have been broken by powerful malign beings. (I will address much more of this later when I address karma and the manipulation of the Akashic records)

There is an amazing power in accepting responsibility for your actions and how you contribute to situations in your life. By accepting our own personal decisions in negative circumstances, we can completely liberate ourselves instead of blaming others for our unhappiness. However, it is dangerous to assume everything is your fault. I believe this ideology has been propagated to insure that we look away from evil and wrong doing. Most people do not get involved anymore. We are taught to accept everyone and everything. No conscious light being would ever accept enslavement or torture from another being, so why would we?

We have become so passive we might as well go to sleep. We no longer stare down the barrels of guns to bring our boys back home. We allow ourselves to believe the media and everything we are sold. We forget to check our internal gut and most times can’t even hear its shouts of reason. This philosophy of “you attract your reality” can create an extraordinary amount of pain and can keep us from holding our perpetrators accountable. We must look at our own involvement always and we must seek to forgive, but we must never rewrite our history. We must address that which does not serve us and we must hold others responsible so we can raise the moral fabric of our society. Jesus said he came to bring the sword, not peace. I am not suggesting we fight. I believe it is the sword of truth he was asking us to live by.

This manifest your reality theory also causes people to enter major depressions and anxiety when they feel they are inept at manifesting or that they must have deserved something terrible that happened to them and they are destined to suffer. At times we are experiencing karmic effects from our choices, yet we do have the power to receive the gift of grace and create shifts in our lives. However there are many great forces at work beyond our awareness, some good, some not so good. We do not need to be disempowered by this. We simply need to be understanding of ourselves that we are in such difficult times. We are moving through the birth canal and it can appear dark and constricting, but we will reach the light and enter into our new life. We must simply continue to move forward.

I once heard a story from a new age guru who said he trained with the monks for many years. One day they were passing a young child they knew was experiencing extreme molestation and abuse. They said it was karma and they were not meant to get involved, so they walked away. This set my hair on fire. Why are they playing God? Sometimes there is greater karma for inaction than any action you can commit. Try telling the holocaust survivors that they attracted that reality because they were phobic or naughty in a past life. Some even believe Hitler was a necessary part of evolution. Their theory is that great things came out of the negativity, so he played his integral ordained role. That is what the dark side wants you to believe, so you don’t pose as a threat to it. It isn’t the darkness that shows us who we are. We show the darkness we are capable of turning the greatest pain into a gift. That is a by product of our inner power, something darkness could never possess.

3) Mediums or psychics know more about reality than the rest of us.
People are so desperate to find answers to get them out of their immeasurable pain, so they give authority to anyone who seems to have a gift. There are so many healers and psychics who really are not advanced spiritually. We assume that they are because they have some abilities that we may not, so we give away our minds. Just because someone has an ability to see something or speak to the dead does not mean they know more than you. Often those who have passed away know very little about the secrets of the universe. It takes great wisdom and spiritual testing to learn the true nature of the hidden truth of life. There are a lot of brilliant people who are helping connect the dots, however several famous mediums I know are very behind in the spiritual evolution department. They are often flattered by their own egos and abilities.

Some of the most wounded people I have ever met were healers. Often, if their explanation sounds very simple and too good to be true, then they don’t possess a whole lot of spiritual knowledge. Additionally, there are lots of mediums who are channeling other beings and they don’t even realize the level of manipulation they are under. A lot of their words may possess loving and healing ideas, yet may be coupled with confusion and misleading/potentially dangerous beliefs. Worse yet, these beings could be opening you up to negative portals. If you ever feel disoriented and negative after a healing, then ask to be released and cleared from that session. Be careful who you give your power to. If it smells like a bunch of confusing POOpourri, then it most likely needs to be wiped from your memory. I found the greatest healers have a culmination of a lot of practices and cannot truly reveal how they do their work.

There are so many different types of healers and certifications that it can become very overwhelming to someone seeking healing. It can be very helpful on your journey to awakening to try different modalities. However, just because someone may be full of conviction doesn’t mean they are right about everything. I do feel many healers mean well, but you have to pray for discernment when you are giving your authority over to someone. I always say that your soul is your most precious item. You wouldn’t just hand over your bank account or keys to your home to someone you just met off the street, so don’t do the same with your energy.

4) Man himself is God
This new age teaching teaches that we ourselves are God’s in the making, so we answer to no one outside ourselves. Be cautious for this is of the dark side. They teach that we are all deities in training.
We have the supernatural power in our pinky to create mountains and universes, yet we are meant to be in alignment with the divine plan. We are not meant to simply dictate our own reality. This is the inner core of Satanism wrapped up in a pretty bow pleading to our ego’s greatest desire to be all mighty powerful. We are meant to work in communion with God, not become God.

5) Evil does not exist.
It was actually classified that people who believe that everything is ultimately good have a psychological disorder. When we polarize everything to one side saying that we are all good, it really causes us to not look where there is evil in society. We are often so afraid of being bad inside that we either point out the bad in others or we go into denial and proclaim the opposite. Do people who sacrifice children or place them into sex slavery just have some love missing from their childhoods? What about the ones who truly enjoy the suffering of their victims? Do they just need to be led to Jesus? In some cases yes, in others no. When we assume evil is merely lost and needs guidance, then we get in bed with evil to try to change it. We invite it in. Just as we are allowed to be who we are, we are not meant to attempt to change those who are inherently dark.

These grandiose ideas of universal goodness cause us to continue to witness heinous acts and simply tune them out. In order to survive and ignore the truth, we just tell ourselves the world isn’t that scary. This idea is the most dangerous of them all. If we believe this theory, then we won’t ever look at what needs to be addressed in the outer world and our inner world, so we can heal it. So often because of this idea, when something horrible is revealed in the media or a conspiracy site, a person will say, “Oh, I don’t believe that.” And it won’t matter how much evidence piles up or how many victims come forward. We continue believing in the Woody Allen’s of the world. We have to stop this nonsense now. Take a look around with eyes wide open and really ask yourself, does everyone have a spark of light? If we continue to spread the seeds of denial, then they will grow and we will end up being the ones who can’t get free. And one day when we clamor for help, those we turned against will stare back at us like we did many times before and say, “Oh, I don’t believe that.”

It amazes me that people who have no spiritual life or wisdom will emphatically declare that evil has no power or doesn’t exist. They act is if it is an elusive story book tale when they hear the cries of mankind. There are many healers perpetuating this lie and all it does is create great pain and dissociation because deep down we know that there is nothing further from the truth. I have heard many new age teachers proclaim if you don’t believe in negative energy or evil, then it will have no impact on you.

It is such a load of donkey doo this new age poo. It is true that we can create negative circumstances by obsessing over toxic thoughts, however that isn’t the crux of creation. You only have to turn on the news for two minutes to witness the collective insanity in our world.

On the flip side, so much goodness is prevailing, yet we have much work to do. And it starts with us accepting reality as it is, not as we wish it to be. Evil is not a symptom of our society. Evil is a cause that was birthed long ago before we were ever born. I believe a very small percent is purely dark and much of the world has been contaminated by those forces. Many people who do negative things do have light within them and have just been misled or abused. However, we must accept there are forces at play that are in direct opposition to our divine nature and wish to control us. We have to stop making excuses for everything and again use our discernment. This is what protects us and keeps us covered by God. If we make the choice to look away, then we invite the darkness in to have full participation in our lives. This is how we become sheeple.

We can not expect the new age religion to save us or that creates the powerful potential for it to be misused and enslave us. We must develop the greatest of spiritual gifts and that is the gift of discernment. If something doesn’t sound right or feel right, then let it go. It will resurface if it is a truth you were ignoring. For when you declare to only live in truth, then truth will always have a way of finding you. Let your own self through God be your inner guiding compass.

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