A Call for Conscious Relationships

What does it mean when the Bible suggests we should not be unequally yoked in relationships? A yoke is commonly known as a device that harnesses two animals together to carry a load, so they may work together. When Paul said “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers”, he was giving a warning to be cautious as to who you intermingle with. For one mind cannot hold two sets of values without splitting. Yet, this warning is so much greater than that.

The Goddess has been suppressed for thousands of years. Women, until recent years, relied on men for survival. The women took care of the home and then the men went out and conquered and hunted to bring home food and protection. From the rise of feminism, women began to reconnect with their inner power and wisdom which led us to the resurrection of the Goddess. When we were suppressed, we were forced to hermit because we were not allowed to speak or share our wisdom. This in turn caused us to develop deeper intuition because we were constantly forced to go within and connect to our higher power. We often met and discussed things in secret with other women. This is where our greatest power lies, if we allow ourselves to bond together.

Unfortunately, we are not realizing something crucial that we are missing. We are in dire need of releasing the beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us. We didn’t teach ourselves to let go of the old victim mentality, so now we continue to manipulate men because we were conditioned to do so. It was our only form of control while being enslaved. We continue to be indirect and we continue to compete with other women. We are constantly tearing each other down, when we should be lifting each other up. If having a quality man years ago meant literal survival (like will you eat again), you were pushed to play games to keep their attention and to stay alive. As women, we have to let go of the manipulation and seduction of men or we might as well blame ourselves for everything. It is such a huge waste of our feminine power.

Now as we rise again, we are more of a threat to the establishment than we ever were before. We have infinite more potential to radically awaken each and every person on this planet. There is a saying in India, “If a woman is connected to God, she automatically knows all things. If a man is connected to God, he only has a choice to know all things”. A man’s inner nature is fueled by his lower primal instincts to conquer and destroy, whether that is globally or sexually.

The greatest thing a man can conquer is his own mind. If a man can conquer himself, then you must literally worship this man. Women may misinterpret what I am saying and choose to stay angry at men for how they oppressed us, but we must come to terms with reality. Men are not the oppressors. There are dark forces at work behind the minds of men that are the problem. Men are under siege by all kinds of negative spiritual influences. And it is often weak minded women that are allowing these energies to come through them. Yes, I may sound like I am blaming women, but hear me out for a moment.

As women, it takes very little for us to know better because we are aware we have been oppressed for thousands of years. We have been breaking the confines of that oppression for almost forever. And when you know better, you do better ladies! Once you know you have been tricked, you peel back the layers of every onion you find, including in your own life. You don’t assume you know everything and you become a hunter for the truth. This is how we become free and free others. This is how we become wise sages of the new world.

I am not looking at men as hopeless victims at all. The most dangerous thing is a person thinking he is free when he is not. We have been manipulating men for thousands of years in order to become liberated and most of them have no idea. And because they have no idea, they haven’t been searching deep within their own hearts to uncover the truth. And the truth is far darker than anything we are doing. The truth is about the nature of humanity and those who are trying to enslave the world. The average man walks around believing that he CANNOT BE TRICKED. And we giggle, right? How many men have you known that are with a terribly sneaky woman and they profess it is not so over and over again? They literally cannot fathom the idea that they are being tricked and it is because 1) they have strong egos and 2) we have become quite good at it.

Men, I am calling to you today to please ask yourself if your need to help is turning into a need to rescue. Newsflash, there are no more damsels in distress, so don’t fall for it. There are though, Goddesses in need of a hero who can show up for them. We don’t need saving. We need our male counterpart, so we can stay balanced on our journey.

God wants us to marry, but not to be unequal in your light. Everything will not be equal, such as money, looks, career, and creativity. Your ways of utilizing your light will be different, but your frequency must be the same. If you have a desire to be the teacher and the healer in the relationship, then you are the one who is not yet healed. When a man commits himself to a woman that is not on his spiritual level, then he is literally asking for the darkness to invade all of his plans he has worked so hard to manifest.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to protect yourself and to cover your dreams and goals. When you join yourself with people who are not on your level, they will consciously or unconsciously allow the negativity to come through them to create distractions and break your destiny.

Women this goes for us as well. We cannot be mothers to boys, who continue to nurse on our private parts. Men don’t want to have sex with their mommies anyway, so stop griping and nagging and learn to communicate what you want. And if he can’t give it to you, it is most likely that he really can’t give it to you because he’s three years old and you are grown. Stop trying to convince him otherwise and go find someone who can. This is how you mature from no longer being a girl and dropping your victimhood.

We have to grow up now and command men who are equal to us. We do this by not being sexual with men who are taken or those who are not equally yoked. When we hold a higher value system, men are forced to rise beyond their lower primal nature. If we want more quality men, we have to stop trying to seduce them. We have to force them to choose to connect to God. If a woman is connected to her higher self, a man will have to connect to her higher self and God to get in her pants because nothing else will stimulate or awaken her.

We hold the key to what we have always wanted to experience with men! We just have to commit to our own values or they will continue to expect what we freely give away. It is not about being chaste or virginal or that it is wrong somehow to be sexual. It is the mere fact that men will not look for something greater when the key to the Holy Grail still remains in our underpants.

Men are never going to do this on their own. Men are afraid of the Goddess because she represents complete and utter annihilation. This is why so many men purposely choose women who don’t challenge them or who are not real relationship material. Men know being a part of a conscious union will begin the death of the old self. So you have to be gentle with men and you must absolutely treasure the man who is willing.

This is what the bible meant when it said to honor thy husband and glorify him. If a man can do this, then you should revere him because he is rarer than the most precious gem on the planet. That is a man whom you will be able to trust his every word and action because you will know he’s in communion with something beyond himself. You will be able to relax and allow him to set the pace and steer the relationship because you will trust he is going to direct your life to a greater domain. But MEN, we cannot allow you to direct things or set the pace on any level when you are running around trying to conquer every woman who seduces you and you are here to uplift your own ego! You must be seeking a higher authority before we put our lives in your hands and decide to be a team.

Men, if you meet your Lioness before you’re ready, she isn’t going to roll over and submit so you can rub her belly. If she smells one iota of an untruth, she’s going to roar so loudly, you’ll end up running in the other direction with your own tail stuck between your legs. Merging with a Goddess is the scariest thing you will ever try to conquer, yet once you do, the payoff will be beyond your wildest dreams. She will fuel your every desire into manifestation and you will wish you had hunted her from the start.

It is the hardest thing for a man to seek a higher authority. TD Jakes talks about how a man has not truly found God until he has screwed up so masterfully in his own life that he finally surrenders to a higher power. A man has to really go through his dark ages to find himself. When a man values something higher and gets on his knees and says, “God direct me. I am lost and I defer to you. I really screwed up this time. I give my whole life to you and I get out of the way” That is when a man begins the surrender of his ego and miracles happen. He realizes he is no longer the boss, the master of his domain. He recognizes he doesn’t know everything and that he has someone to answer to. If you find this humble man, treasure him like gold for there are few.

So today I am calling to all men and woman to reflect on themselves and their lives and to really look at their relationships. It is essential to our spiritual evolution that we only open the door to those who are seeking beyond themselves. This does not mean religion whatsoever. We are speaking about vibrations and values.

Life is difficult enough as it is. You must be equally yoked to create the protection and divine blessing that is your spiritual birthright for your life. Anything else is the true temptation that allows distortion of reality to set in and potentially set you back many lifetimes in your growth. We all must step up and be willing to be alone for a while until we can transcend enough of our blocks to finally meet that person. No one will be perfect, not even you. You just have to resonate on the same frequency. The highest spiritual partnerships will be called to do great works together in the world that are 1000 times greater than one could do on his/her own. This does not mean you will do the same exact work, but your ideas will merge to help the collective heal. So, it is imperative we all step up and change our way of picking partners. We need to stop engaging with karmic partnerships, those that take us by surprise or deflect us from our path. Let’s consciously decide what type of union to engage in from this day forward.

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