A Spiritual Affliction

(warning..not an easy read nor was it an easy write)

One of the greatest tricks on our minds today is the way the powers at be have restructured language. We are glossing over our words, so we aren’t as clear with our choices. It numbs our senses, so we become accepting of things that maybe we shouldn’t. Have you noticed how we went from calling pornography to calling it adult entertainment? We went from using the word prostitute to sex worker. We went from pedophile to the use of the term child molester to now sex offender. Oh so that three year old found his ass rape offensive? Sacrilege. And lets call rape what it is. It is not molestation nor is it an offense. It is rape. We have to stop this blatant manipulation of the English language that is being used in an effort to desensitize our reactions.

Today, a man came forward saying that he was groomed and raped by Bryan Singer, famous XMen director, back in 1999. People are slinging mud at this man for attacking Singer. I am not here to say it did or didn’t happen, however I have heard rampant stories of Singer catering to inappropriately young boys at parties for decades. Many boys in Hollywood desperately want to attach their star to somebody else’s wagon and this puts them in a dangerous position. It is something that is kept quite hush in Tinseltown.

Corey Feldman has been screaming out for years now that many of the Hollywood elite are part of a pedophile ring. The giants who sleep with little boys and never get caught. Corey is too afraid to speak out about any details in fear for his life. I can assure you this is no grand distortion. We listen to the media spin, take a side, debate and never get to the bottom of the gory details by asking enough questions. We need investigations of these people who control the money and buy everyone’s silence.

The elites of the world prey on the innocent children of humanity and why? The answer is dark beyond comprehension and its secrets are laced in satanic rituals. The soul of a child is a much higher frequency and has been said to provide a high beyond ecstasy. It is a pure energy form that has not been tampered at its core and the demonic realm considers it choice caviar. When a sorcerer orgasms, he is aware of how to birth his ideas into creation and manifest his desires. These Satanists use this pure energy to command dark beings to do their bidding. This material is disturbing, however not any less real.

I have not worked with pedophiles due to the fear that I would not be able to remain subjective because of my own experiences of being molested as a young girl. Surprisingly, I do have compassion for the rare few who express empathy and guilt. There is evidence that suggests that a pedophile’s brain is wired differently than a regular person. It suggests where a person should have normal parental protective mechanisms, their brains often have wiring that connect thoughts of children to a sexual response. People often ask me if this is learned behavior and can it be healed.

Pedophilia is often a demonic energetic problem. I often see spiritual possession within pedophiles that makes me able to detect them from far away. This energy preys on the pedophile just as much as the victim. I am not suggesting these people are victims like their prey. These molesters are adults and they have the choice to seek other outlets and make better choices. I am by no means suggesting this is easy. Many were molested as children and these demonic oppressions were passed on to them through the sexual attacks they personally endured in childhood, so the cycle continues. However, many who were abused never abuse or even open themselves again to this energy. They may be plagued by the memories, but most never become pedophiles. This suggests that sometimes sexual trauma alters the brain and sometimes it doesn’t. There is a lot of data detailing how easy it is to negatively rewire the brain using sexual trauma.

Alternatively, there are times a person is so underdeveloped in their emotional growth that they find themselves temporarily attracted to someone prepubescent and often outgrow this after healing and working on themselves. There are also rare occasions where people have strong past life connections with a person that are considered outside the realm of what society deems acceptable. One can release these karmic attachments through prayer, intention, and meditation.

I also believe there are a breed of pedophiles who I consider parasites themselves. They are so warped by their neurological defect and demonic possession that they actually believe their victims enjoy the molestation. They may never be healed for they are deluded Narcissists, who see nothing wrong with the victimization of children.

We have to understand that we are dealing with much deeper spiritual issues than people realize. We are constantly under threat to move away from our divinity. Understanding the mechanisms behind pedophilia does not excuse or indicate one should tolerate their behavior, for I find it deplorable. However, it gives us the compassion to know that we can’t see everything working behind the scenes of a persons spirit. Our job is to protect the children and to start calling things as they are. They are not offenders. They are rapists and thieves of innocence. Priests are not having sex with little boys because we won’t let them have sex with adults and get married. They hide within the church because they are covered there and have access to lure the innocent.

We have to stop debating each other about whether a 15 year old is old enough to be seduced or if he liked it. If he says he didn’t like it, he didn’t like it. We cannot risk sounding like the narcissist pedophile who proclaims he wanted it. I knew boys who made out with much older women in high school and they were the pursuers and loved it. I am not talking about them. It depends on the process of the seduction. That is what molestation really is. It is an art of seduction and ANYONE can be seduced and never see how that process happened, particularly if their controller was intelligent enough. They are groomed and conditioned that they want to be seduced and it often takes years to understand how it happened. They are cloaked with guilt and shame wondering how they allowed it to occur. These young men and women often end up addicted to drugs in a desperate effort to drown out their memories and sorrows. And often they were first persuaded into using drugs during the abuse, in hopes they would drop their defenses. When we suggest someone was not raped, we are raping them all over again and we become just as much the perpetrator as the pedophile. Our thoughts create intentions in the universe and we are responsible for each and every ripple effect from them.

Whether it is a crime against a teen or a young child, pedophilia is a spiritual affliction and needs to be recognized as such. We have to stop glossing over our words and we must bring the critical ones into neon focus. We cannot participate in the world’s desire to numb us to atrocities any longer. It is painful to face the things we are facing in our generation, but we can champion over this and dream a new dream when we have deeper understanding. But don’t ask me to eat dirt by trying to convince me it’s chocolate. The truth is the truth, so if we want to be liberated we have to start calling out the truth in ourselves, in our own lives and in the world. It is the only way we can make a call for change.

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  1. A powerful post. One I have long agreed with. I’m sorry for your experience, and grateful you are making a positive impact from it.

    I also see why our correspondence yesterday resonated with you. Blessings to you. Xoxo



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