Drugs, False Enlightenment or True High?

There is a lot of misinformation flying around advocating the use of psychedelics and marijuana in order to accelerate one’s consciousness. I have yet to witness one person or client where I psychically saw the benefits outweighing the downfalls of using these drugs. However, I once received a phone call from my friend’s boyfriend at 4am because he wanted me to decode the messages my friend was receiving from outer space. They had just ingested some mushroom tea and her hands were uncontrollably moving for hours. She was having a seizure and they both thought they were having off world contact. I healed her in a few minutes and then that relationship took a hard right, down Goodbye Lane. Just because something is so called “natural” doesn’t mean you should ingest it. If so, we wouldn’t be alive today if our ancestors had chomped on the poisonous berries.

It is absolutely true that when you take psychedelics it opens up centers in your brain that create a “perceived” deeper conscious awareness. You may look down at your hand and see it isn’t real and that is in fact just energy that morphs without a true shape. Yet, you may also risk the potential of bringing out a mental illness or personality disorder that your body was able to previously keep in check. I knew of a girl in high school who was a top honors student and had never tried drugs before her brother talked her into it one night. She immediately dropped out of school because her brain was baked. Last I heard, she sat around baking cookies. All day. All kinds. Chocolate chip. Peanut butter. Peanut chocolate chip. Oatmeal. Oatmeal chocolate chip. Oatmeal peanut butter. Sugar cookies. You catch my drift. You think this is rare? I had another friend drop out of high school right after she dropped acid because she forgot how to multiply.

I am not suggesting it will kill you. However, my first love was into acid and quit after his dealer ingested the LSD he was meant to buy because he was late after his tire blew on the highway. When he got there, his dealer was dead and his friend went into a coma. I also had a client whose boyfriend jumped right out the window during an argument because he thought he saw the ground. She was lucky to be tripping I suppose when she saw him in pieces on the pavement. But let’s get back to the point.

Marijuana seems like child’s play after those stories, right? I know it does wonders for pain, so I am not suggesting it be unavailable to those like cancer patients. However, it does NOT open you up to higher consciousness. It un-grounds you and creates a feeling of openness. It speeds up the mind and opens the flow of ideas. This is very limited in its potential at best. It opens you up to the lower levels of the astral realm, where entities reside.

Marijuana and psychedelics distort the lower chakras and create all kinds of blockages in the aura. The use of drugs creates holes and distortions in your energy field, allowing for demonic entities and spirits to attach to you. Sometimes, even with marijuana, full blown possession occurs. I have cleared hundreds of entities from people who just had a fun night with drugs and alcohol. I have witnessed people who developed full blown paranoia after using pot for a period of time. It only healed after they quit. Every chronic user I have worked with has had significant damage to their energy field, along with spirit attachments.

The use of hallucinogens causes a person to experience visual perceptions that they may have been limited to experiencing prior. This partial or false opening gives the impression that they are accessing God or higher dimensions. Sometimes this altered view makes people realize there is more to life than just the physical. However, I don’t need to throw myself off of a building to grasp the concept of gravity.

The only way you are going to move into the higher realms of consciousness is to meditate and work on liberating your consciousness. There are stories of shamans leading people on profound journeys through the astral realms by the use of peyote. I know people who had an extraordinary experience walking through their past lives doing this. However, when they used the same peyote back home in the desert with friends, they were hunted by demons until sunrise.

Even if a shaman takes you through the unknown and uses the drug to get your conscious mind out of the way, then it is still the shaman who took you into the unknown. And just because something is unknown doesn’t mean it’s spiritually advanced. There is no way to navigate the highest dimensions without fully purifying your body and mind first. Anyone who claims to be advancing through the use of drugs is merely tricking themselves. Your mind can dream anything it wants to, but it doesn’t mean its reality. And if the shaman was so powerful, he wouldn’t need drugs to guide you. He could pop your mind like a baby bubble in a second.

I feel a lot of these people who are advocating the use of mind altering drugs for spiritual reasons are often coupling these ideas with free sexuality. They peddle these beliefs to support their reptilian desires and propose it is more evolved for us to follow suit. These gurus sleep with their young students and tell everyone that nothing should be judged and all should be explored. They are simply destroying the spiritual value of sacred relationships and true intimacy. Its rubbish and men who are lost can’t scoop it up fast enough. Yum yum, feed me some more BS as long as I can put my member where I want and don’t have to feel bad about it. They love to validate their primal nature by saying it should not only be accepted, but it should be considered enlightened. Anytime someone acts superior in their cause because others “just aren’t cool enough to get it”, I suddenly become Helen Keller. I don’t hear you, I don’t see you because it all sounds like a used car salesman to me. Next.

In our culture, we are so consumed with having everything in an instant. We get our food through a drive thru or zap it in a microwave. We are an ADD culture because we can’t wait for anything anymore. We have call waiting. Waiting? Who’s waiting? We deposit checks on our phones and slam our keyboards when our web doesn’t load faster than the stroke of a word. And because of this, we don’t know how to do relationships. We are advancing like lightning in the realm of technology and all the while, we are losing contact. We are feeling more falsely connected in our tweets and our posts and our insta-photos and our pinterests. We can spend hours looking for something to make us feel connected instead of actually reaching out and having coffee with an old friend. Like singer John Mayer said, he can see hundreds of vaginas before breakfast, so who wants to do the work?

We have to do the work. We do. You have to do the work. You may find helpers and healers along the way and God bless anyone who can create grace in your life and help lift your burdens. But no one and I mean NO ONE can give you your lessons. You have to advance yourself. There is no trick. There is no short cut. There is no cheat sheet. Everybody’s road is different and you have to walk there all on your own. Some may help pave the way and some may point a direction, but you ultimately have to make the choice. You can stomp your feet, distract yourself with life’s duties and desires and then you can smoke up and come back to Earth another ten thousand times. Or you can start now. No drug or person is ever going to speed up your enlightenment. Just you.

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